Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I was always on the heavier side of the scale from childhood.

Attempt 1:
My first getting healthier attempt was in the year 2003. I used to walk 45 mins daily in the morning in Bangalore even in winter and used to live on oats, rotis without oil ,vegetables and fruits. Lost around 8-9 kgs in 3 months. This was my first achievement in this  sport. But then i left it there...Got married and gave birth to my son. Suddenly i realized that i have reached the 88 mark of my metric weighing scale. 

Attempt 2:
Started doing regular cardiovascular exercises for  45 mins on 5/7 days a week and this continued for 11 months. Lost  17 kgs in 11 months. I used to control food in the conventional way of not eating fried food, not eating rice in night etc. By the end of this i got stones in my gall bladder and later that year got a typhoid which affected my gall bladder which got removed from my body! Yup, am a person with one organ less!! :)
This made me stop all my gym activities and mostly ended up in sedentary lifestyle. This was in year 2008.

In year 2010, i made a new year resolution that i will do my bit in my weight loss and fitness journey. So in order to make this a perfect start i along with 2 other friends of mine, went for a 10 km walk...First of its kind in my life time. Achieved it in 2 hrs 30 mins.. I was so impressed.
In order to encourage me, one of my well wishers promised me a reward of 8 gms of Gold( a metal which i was crazy about).  However, it so happened that i never did any kind of planned activities for rest of that year and even until second half of 2011.

Attempt 3:
I changed my job during the year 2011. So i thought it is right time to start my efforts again on the subject. Started with walking 40 mins at 10 PM (yes, 10 PM. that was the time i could allocate for my well being) everyday... This, i couldn't sustain for long. I even started replacing 2 meals of mine with weight management full meal replacements... However, this lasted for 2-3 months with no regularity in the routine. Absolute wasted attempt of time and money.

Attempt 4:
I am on an assignment in Sydney and not with family. I used to feel lonely and depressed when my dad and son left back to India. Then in the month of June 2012, i started searching ways to keep away my loneliness as well as the things that will keep me happy. Thus starts the Attempt 4 and the success of it so far..... Weight on 1-June-12 : 83 kgs

I am ending this post here and will continue with the narration in the next post!


  1. Nice story(?) writing. I'm aware only attempt 2.
    After few failed or rather incomplete attempts, it's finally giving excellent results due to your absolute commitment this time. I'm sure you've already walked enough towards your goal. All the best. Happy blogging & Keep posting!!!

    1. Thanks, Harsha!
      Encouragement matters most!

  2. Hey Shubha,
    You are doing two of my favorite things- running/walking and blogging. So keep up the good work.

    After some time you will probably hit a plateau( most runners do) but you will continuously, albeit slowly, lose weight. So don't give up then. It will just be a passing phase.

    All the best and keep blogging!

    P.S. By the way your hard work is showing in your pics.

    1. Hello Rohit,

      Thanks a lot!
      Between, i am at the plateau of 74kgs right now...But all fingers crossed, continuing with same passion. Hopefully, soon i will overcome it.


  3. ....and please remove the annoying word verification :)

  4. Replies
    1. Seetha, How can i forget MM Hills? I intend to mention it in one of my upcoming posts!

  5. really gr8 work subha!! u were always an inspiration n continue to be so!