Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The gym transformation!

I had decided NOT to go to gym, as i didn't want to waste money ( as i have done before)! That was soul purpose of going for a walk in the mornings!  Now that i have started seeing results, i wanted to try walking in the evening also. But winter in Sydney was not helping me! In spite of me wanting to walk in evenings as well, which i did few days, it was taking a toll on my health!  Now i thought, let me get into a gym and do some cardio workouts in evenings along with walk in the morning!

J  Now this went on for 2 weeks..  My research on the various fitness sites and some of Rujuta’s insights made me think of concentrating more on Gym and my all time dream of jogging continuously for 20 mins... It was a miracle..I tried jogging at 7kmph speed, my aim was to reach 5 mins continuously  i went on and tried another 2 mins...and finally i did my first 20 mins continuous jog on the treadmill. Lifetime achievement it was for me. I never ever thought that i could do it. Now i knew i could...So i did this on a regular basis. My Gym is in city and i live 20 mins away by train from city.
I even started hitting gyms on weekends so as to do my 1 hr cardio which included 20 mins treadmill, 30 min elliptical and 10 mins cycling.

i became consistent in this. Now everyone knows , you will easily hit boredom if you do same routine.
So i tried to tweak my routine a little.

In one of my previous Gym memberships back in India, i had a personal trainer(PT) who became a very good friend later. I had his contact number in my mobile phone. I just dialed him and asked him to help me with a routine. This i did because i knew my PT very well and had confidence in his routine, but was doubtful about the highly expensive PT sessions in Sydney. Surprisingly i had his right contact number and he agreed to help me. THINGS happen RIGHT when it has to!

My PT gave me a 4 day routine for gym. 2 days concentrated on weight training and remaining 2 days cardio.. I asked him to give me a 6 day routine instead of 4 days. Too Enthusiastic! Isn't it? He asked me to repeat day 1 after day 4 , so that i will have 6 days of routine. But he recommended at least one day of rest in a week.

I really did well! Strict routine, excellent consistency and great commitment! I said, well Done to myself!

Now, Saturdays i wanted to see how far i could walk. With Google map in my Samsung Nexus in one hand, and ipod loaded with high energy songs, on one Saturday , i said let me walk till Stanmore station from Ashfield. Then got fascinated and walked till NewTown station.

Ashfield > Summer Hill > Lewisham > Petersham > Stanmore > NewTown

It took me roughly 2 hours. I was so happy. I could cover 5 stations. I understood that i enjoy walking. I wasn't very sure about the distance i walked and how much calories i have burnt.

This inspired me to buy a pedometer. I bought the Pink One!

I bought Aussiefit pedometer, the basic one which gives me , Calories, Steps walked and kms walked in the same equipment.


 And now i knew what i want to do on every Saturday.

I seriously don't remember the date as to when i did this first walk, otherwise why shouldn't i add that information here. I hadn't taken any photos , or any such thing to post in it. But surely, in my subsequent posts, you will not be disappointed. I have matured a lot.

Now i walk with my pedometer day in and day out and count every single step i take in my day. I was surprised by the inspiration i got from the pedometer readings.

So this is where i am leaving you in this post...I know i have disappointed all my friends with a small post, but i think this is the logical end of this post. See you soon in my next one!

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